Extreme High Availability Postgres

Protect mission-critical applications against costly downtime and disruption with multi-master replication, cluster management and advanced logical replication

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For the modern enterprise, data is more important than it has ever been in the history of business. Application downtime and data loss can cost you customers and revenue as well as increase your legal and regulatory exposure. EDB offers purpose-built solutions and tools specifically designed to keep your mission-critical apps at 99.999% so you don’t have to fear “what if” scenarios.

EDB Postgres Distributed is multi-master replication and data distribution with advanced conflict management, data-loss protection, and throughput up to 5X faster than native logical replication. With EDB, you don’t trade speed for added accessibility and reliability.

EDB Postgres Distributed for Extreme High Availability

Our experts take the time to understand your requirements and goals to ensure you select the options that are best for your business:

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One to two active locations with or without redundant hardware

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PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Extended Server, or EDB Postgres Advanced Server

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We’ll work with you to create the best plan for your needs.

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Other High Availability, Security and Protection Offerings

PostgreSQL Cluster Management

Keep your data Always On, so your applications and users stay up and running.

PostgreSQL Logical Replication and Replication Server

Extreme high availability starts with replication. Manage your datawhenever and wherever you need to–with confidence.

Backup and Recovery

Databases go down. Ensure you have the ability to easily back up and recover data with complete and valid data sets.

Subscription Plans

EDB Standard Plan - Self-Managed

Increasing the power of Postgres with Enterprise Tooling

EDB Enterprise Plan - Self-Managed

Enterprise features including compatibility with Oracle and enhanced security

Fully Managed Plan

Get Extreme High Availability managed for you with EDB BigAnimal

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